We Are

We design and build amazing things
that help you grow your business.

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Our Story

Webdacity is a digital design & development studio based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We specialise in crafting rich, well-designed brand identities that connect in perfect symbiosis, from your logo to your website.
From the moment Webdacity was founded, we have helped our clients find exceptional solutions for their businesses, creating memorable brands and digital products.
Whether you're starting with a blank slate or need a complete brand overhaul, we provide a broad range of design & web development services to suit your every need.
We take pride in our work and strive to deliver the very best projects for our clients.

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Our Values

What can we say, it’s in our DNA

Client Satisfaction

We know that client satisfaction is not only about the delivery of great services on-time and by exceeding expectations, its also about being a dependable long-term partner for your business.

Great Design

Our websites & applications always look great and are intuitive to use. We put the extra effort into designing an attractive product that users will fall in love with.


Clients are involved and we provide feedback, advice & recommendation every step during the project lifecycle. We are also fully transparent & upfront regarding all costs involved in projects.

Building Relationships

There is nothing more rewarding to us than being with a business that grows as a result of our work. Building a long-term relationship with our clients is essential to our own growth as a studio.

Exceptional Quality

Whether it’s for design, content marketing, or development we use the best practices available to deliver the highest quality projects. Our pride in our work that gives us our signature quality.

Innovative Solutions

Knowing the difference between innovation and the latest fad is how we deliver such incredible results for our clients. Recognising great innovation that delivers long-term value is a top priority.

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Happy Clients


Completed Projects

500 000+

Lines of Code

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Company Founder

Arno van Staden

Arno started Webdacity a few years ago when he saw an intense necessity for small businesses to rejuvenate their brand and join the digital era or get left behind in the rubble of the early days of the internet.

This need also later came to encompass the world of start-ups & new business requiring innovative design & development projects to make their brand, and their business, stand out in the crowd.